Patrick Almighty is a religious novel blog that tell the story about a young man named Patrick who manifested by a devil named Emon. Patrick is obedient to God and is a clean person. So, how come such a good person manifested by a devil? Well, here I come to save the world by telling you the story.

The story’s background is in USA, however the language used so far is unstandardized Indonesian language. You will find the word ‘kahn’, ‘yach’, ‘awh’, ‘gw’, ‘lo’, dll. This is intentional, so the early reader can get the meaning of the story. Ok, actually I just too lazy to make it a formal language since… come on, nobody will actually read this blog. #sobbing. However, a refinement of language will be made as soon as this novel blog reaches 100 readers.

This story is written by mrzon05 and since chapter 5, new chapter will be released once a month in the 3rd week between Thursday and Saturday.


Disclaimer: This story is only a work of fiction by which using so many elements from the Bible. Any religious writing is not telling about doctrine at all. Please don’t accuse me for corrupting the Bible or even religion.  The story has its own universe that different from the real world. However, real world events inspire me so that some are included in this story.

I appreciate every suggestion and critics regarding this novel blog, but, please don’t send any hate speech to me.


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